Water Projects

Bakiga Community Project is a registered NGO in Uganda and a registered Charity in the UK (#1156306)

The project started Bakiga Lodge in 2012 to help fund our water projects across the Kigezi region of South West Uganda.

To July 2024, the project has helped an estimated 162,000 people to access water.

All profits of Bakiga Lodge are used for the community development work that we do.

Less than 20% of the population of Uganda has access to safe piped water in their homes. Most people (usually women and children) walk several hours each day to fetch water from springs, rivers or stagnant pools.

To July 2024, we have constructed/repaired 375 Springs and 55 community water tanks.

Each spring serves a community of several hundred people.

The springs we construct ensure people fetch water from non stagnant sources, and closer to their homes.

The Water Tanks collect rainwater for communities that do not have sources of natural springs (usually communities on the tops of hills).

We construct tanks ranging from 10,000L to 50,000L.

Tanks save communities long walks to water sources.

A large tank full of water can serve a community for around 6 weeks into the dry season.

The local community of Ruhija, where we are based, has benefited from 4 large water tanks that we have constructed.