Eco Lodge

From our beginnings, it was important for us to construct Bakiga Lodge and run it to be as eco friendly as possible.

The trees used to construct Bakiga Lodge were sourced locally in Ruhija, from sources that will regrow.

To limit our impact on the environment:

We collect all our water from rain harvesting tanks at the lodge.

This water is used for the client showers, flushing toilets, washing bedding and cleaning the lodge.

We currently have 10 water harvesting tanks at the lodge. We encourage our guests to use the water we have carefully.

All of our flush toilets and showers are connected to septic tanks, to avoid polluting the ground.

All our power comes from solar panels on the roof of the lodge.

We refuse to use generators – they pollute with fumes and noise.

The steep grounds of the lodge have been terraced and planted to help avoid soil erosion.